Transatlantic Trauma

by Regina Andrews
(Providence, RI)

So many examples... Once I received someone else's manuscript in my return envelope from Harlequin London with the reader's hand-written questionnaire, thoroughly completed, attached (including all the author's personal info -- name, address, phone, etc...) plus the reader's scathing, biting, condemnatory comments on the "vapid, uninspired read" that was this ms.

I wrote to the author in England and told her I had the ms, but she did not want it back!

Harlequin was no help in getting back the ms I sent them (duh!) after I contacted them about this.

I'm not a math person, so I never could figure out how long the chain of flubs might extend, but to me it seems possibly quite extensive!

Moral of the story? Vive le email!


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