About Marilee Brothers

With her fondness for blue sky, sunshine and mountains, Marilee never wandered far from her home in central Washington state. She grew up in a family of readers, a gift for which she is eternally grateful. At age eleven, she wrote her first play and produced it in the back yard after recruiting several neighborhood children to play supporting roles. Marilee, of course, was the star.

As a freshman in college, Marilee met the love of her life. Married at nineteen (not recommended) and the mother of two baby boys by twenty-one (bingo... bango...) Marilee returned to college to earn her bachelor's degree in education before giving birth to a third son (bongo!) Outnumbered four to one, Marilee finally put a stop to the male baby boom. The seasons were defined by the type of ball she tripped over in the living room. Fall: Football. Winter: Basketball. Spring: Baseball. At the Brothers' dinner table, Marilee learned not to say, "Throw me a roll."

After teaching and coaching at the high school level, Marilee earned her master's degree in psychology and counseling. Much of her writing reflects her experience as a counselor for behavior disordered teens. Always in love with the written word, Marilee tried her hand at writing poetry and short stories during the busy child-rearing years. When she became an empty nester, it was time for a new challenge . . . time to write a book. As she began to learn her craft, she entered writing contests where she was lucky enough to be spotted by a publisher who signed her to a multi-book contract. Marilee is currently working on her tenth book.