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The Curse of the Rose

"I always enjoy a strong hero and Marilee Brothers does not disappoint... This story is complete with danger, heroes, magic and mystery, lust and love. Twist that with secrecy and deceit, and you come up with a compelling story... [Castle Ladyslipper] is fast paced, the temper and passions are bold, and the suspense is exciting. Ms. Brothers has written a story of historical proportions, and peopled it with characters you can care about. She has added a bit of magic and a curse, making this more than just a love story. You will enjoy the passion and the humor."

Leslie, The Romance Reviews

"[Marilee Brothers] is a natural story-teller whose writing flows easily, even at the most nail-biting moments...I enjoyed this compelling tale and following the journey that the main characters had to endure to come out of the other side more complete and fulfilled. For readers who enjoy a tumultuous romance, a deep attraction to both the hero and heroine so that a happy ever after finish is anticipated, but not exactly certain, then this book is for you. If you like reading about this time period, Castle Ladyslipper will not disappoint at all."

Lily, Long and Short Reviews

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