. . . but don't let this letter discourage you!

by John Chavis
(Los Angeles, CA)

Too late! I'm discouraged. After hanging on for over four months, they write to tell me that they have to decline my proposal. But whatever you do, don't be discouraged. I don't know whatelse I can do. Everybody keeps telling me to self-publish but these idiots don't seem to understand just how expensive such a thing can be or how difficult it is to get bookstores to market self-published books. The bookstore's way of thinking is that your book was so bad that you had to self-publish because no publisher in his right mind would publish it.
I don't want to get discouraged, but I'm starting to run out of steam here.

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Nov 07, 2013
I SO Totally Understand!
by: Grace Peterson

How can you not be discouraged? The only upside is that most if not all authors know exactly how you're feeling right now.

Every time I got a rejection, it fueled my action and resolve and I'd send out more proposals. Eventually the feeling of empowerment would cloud my discouragement, until the next round of rejections. It's a crazy way to live but eventually the right publisher came along. That was a year ago. My second book will be published soon.

Don't give up.

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