An Interview with Allie Emerson

June 9, 2011

Haven't heard much from you lately. What's up?

Geez, give me a break! Even Star Seekers have to take a breather once in a while. Remember, this whole moonstone drama was totally unexpected. One minute, I'm just your average teenage girl trying to survive high school. Then, whammo, I fall off a ladder onto an electric fence and acquire a guardian angel. Shortly after, the town witch gives me the moonstone and insists I'm a Star Seeker meant to save the world from evil.

At the end of Moon Spun, you were shocked to discover a family member you knew nothing about. Were you able to trace the whereabouts of this person?

In Book 4, I'm completely focused on finding this person. Actually, I need to find her because, according to my father, Mike Purdy, it will take both of us to keep something horrible from happening.

Many of your readers were upset because Junior Martinez seems to be among the missing in Moon Rise and Moon Spun. What's going on with Junior?

No worries, Junior is back in a big way, helping me search for that missing family member. Think road trip. Me. Junior. Faye in the back seat of the car.

Any new characters in Book 4?

Absolutely! Teagan, the scary faery, plays an important role; and you'll meet Sammie Sullivan who helps me out in both Book 4 and Book 5. Hey, do you remember Carmel, Kizzy's ditzy daughter? She's back too. Stay tuned. Good stuff coming!

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