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News and notes from Marilee Brothers... A Woman Scorned release Oct. 6
September 19, 2020
September 19, 2020

Hello again from The Obsessive Page Turner,

Have you been turning pages during this strange time? Or, like me, are you distracted by questions with no answers? First the pandemic, then raging fires and billowing smoke. It's like the world is holding its collective breath while wondering, "What's next?" While I have no answers, I'm trying to stay busy, measuring time with a variety of phases.

First, came the sourdough starter phase, followed by my scarf-knitting phase (pattern was too hard - back to knitting dish cloths), the terrarium phase, the bread baking phase, the trying-new-recipes phase and, of course, gardening and golf. I truly miss volunteering at the hospital with Auggie in the Paws to Heart program. I hope we will be able to return before long. Despite my complaints, I'm grateful for my many blessings.

I do have good news about my latest book, A Woman Scorned. The official publication date is October 6, 2020, and it will be available for pre-order soon.

For those of you who use a digital device such as a Kindle or iPad, I recently received electronic copies of the book from my publisher. Since authors live and die by reviews, if you are willing to read A Woman Scorned and post an Amazon review, I would be happy to send you the download. You may contact me through my website at or send me an email at

Auggie's Corner

Yes, that's me, Auggie the Doggie, staring at the treat cupboard. Why? Because I don't have thumbs. For Dog's sake, what an oversight! Think what I could do if I had those vital digits. Instead of gazing adoringly at Mom who rations out treats like they're made of gold, I could help myself. I could pinch Dad's cheeks while he's snoozing in his recliner. I could open doors and gates, climb trees, use a cell phone, suck my thumb. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Alas, it is not to be. I'll have to get what I want by focusing my big brown eyes on the keeper of the cupboard while feigning starvation. Not to brag, but I'm pretty good at it.

What's that sound? Footsteps approaching the kitchen? Must position myself accordingly. Bye-bye for now.

Auggie Doggie signing off.

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