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News and notes from Marilee Brothers... Goodbye Mauli the Muse
July 17, 2012
July 17, 2012


According to the dictionary, a muse is a guiding spirit, one who inspires an artist or writer. Most of you know I dubbed our Labrador Retriever, Mauli the Muse, simply because she parked her big hairy self directly behind my office chair while I wrote six books. It was easier to keep on writing than to get her to move. She even had her own byline in this newsletter, News from the Muse.

Sadly, Mauli has crossed the Rainbow Bridge where, I trust, she will be waiting for us someday. (If not, I plan to cancel my reservations.) Several weeks have passed since her unexpected death. We miss her terribly, but know the pain will pass and we'll be left with 11 years of wonderful memories.

Joyful rolling on the beach. (Here she is doing The Sandy Back Mambo.) Mauli doing the Sandy Back Mambo

Licking the very last morsel from an empty peanut butter jar.

Mauli cleaning a peanut butter jar

The dog wedding!

Mauli at her wedding

Can I write without my muse? Yes. Remember, a muse is a guiding spirit and her spirit is still with me, along with the tufts of black fur remaining in my office. My sister said it best: "No dog ever had a better life." That statement has comforted me beyond belief. To that I would add, "No family ever had a better dog."

Rest in peace, Mauli the Muse.

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